We know each tax sale is unique.

When you bring the experts in, you get choices and certainty your auction
is legal and transparent, at no cost to you! Our custom solutions ensure
your auction is just that, yours.

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SRI provides true customer service with an emphasis on SERVICE. They are so easy to work with and always help with whatever we take to them.”

Patty Ball
Auditor | Daviess County, In

Our 2013 tax roll collection rate stands at 99.8%, due in no small part to our partnership with SRI. Their company standards, ethics and professionalism suit perfectly the standards of the St. Johns County Tax Collector’s office, which has as its mission, “Delivering Tax Collector services through innovation, integrity, and expertise.” As a bonus, their services are always delivered with friendliness, humor, and aplomb.”

Dennis W. Hollingsworth, CFC
Tax Collector | St. Johns County, Fl

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1. Which auction?

We can help with tax, certificate and deed sales. Have another auction in mind?
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2. Where will it be?

Host your auction online with our auction program, Zeus, or onsite with a professional auctioneer.

3. How will you customize?

Every detail is up to you! We work with officials nationwide and use that experience to help build your auction.

4. Want us to help?

We offer full tax sale processing.
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Tax Sale Processing

Tax sale processing refers to the administrative process of conducting a tax sale, according to its statutory requirements.

We assist with everything from identifying tax sale eligible items to redemptions and tax sale deeds.

Tax sale processing also includes our auction services. Conduct your auction with a professional auctioneer or our online auction program, Zeus, your choice!

Contact us to discuss bringing this service to your office.

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Zeus Auction Program

Our online auction program, Zeus, is the perfect place to hold your auction. Give your bidders the convenience of registering and bidding from home, and we will provide technical support if they need any help.

You can customize by setting the rules of your auction and providing additional information for bidders.

Approve bidders and watch the progress of your auction with the Seller’s Dashboard.

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