There’s more to a tax sale
than the auction.

Everyone sees the auction, let us handle what only you see.
Our comprehensive tax sale processing services cover everything
from determining eligible properties to drafting tax deeds.
Bring in the experts

Never miss a step

These steps generally represent the tax sale process, they can be customized to fit your auction needs.
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Determine your tax sale eligible parcels.


Notify owners and interested parties of the tax sale.


Advertise the upcoming auction in local publications.


Hold the auction online or on-site.


Maintain your tax sale properties.


Create and issue tax sale deeds.

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Customized Technology

Need something extra? With our talented developers, we have the ability to create
technology to fit your office's unique needs and processes.

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SRI has made preparing for tax sales easier for my office by moving the manual [tax sale] tracking to a computer based tracking system.

Jennifer Templeton
Treasurer | Hamilton County, IN

When this county started having tax sales after a five years of no sales, it was a horrendous job getting us ready. SRI worked with our tax vendor and got things accomplished that we swore would not happen. They did an awesome job of getting us back into tax sales so that we could get properties back on the tax roll."

Wendie House
Tax Sale Manager | St. Joseph County, IN

SRI employs a friendly and efficient staff who stays up-to-date with tax sale laws. They have streamlined a process that would normally absorb a lot of our time and attention, allowing us to focus on collection and safekeeping of tax dollars."

Jennifer Weston
Treasurer | Tippecanoe County, IN

Legal Support

• Pre and post-sale due diligence
• Statutorily required notices
• Administrative and judicial forms
• Sample legal documents
• Litigation assistance
• Advise & draft legislation

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