Alleviate the chaos
of foreclosures.

Spend more time serving your community. Let us coordinate the
workload that comes with mortgage foreclosure sales.
Bring in the experts


1. We have a transparent process.

View property listings, sale results, rules, minimum bids, and more on our website.

2. We take care of
any required mailings.

We’ll follow the process appropriate for your auction.

3. We will adjust our process for you!

We will work to accommodate law changes regarding the mortgage foreclosure process.

“Since SRI has taken over our Sheriff Sales it has removed a tremendous workload from my support staff. All of the services provided, as well as the personnel, are extremely professional and efficient.”

Mike Branham
Sheriff | Lawrence County, IN

“The best part about SRI is their customer service. Any time a question has come up, SRI has been very helpful and quick to provide an answer. They also take away a lot of the time constraints that comes with the paperwork of conducting a sheriff sale.”

Lee Chestnut
Sheriff | Perry County, IN

The efficiency that we have gained while using SRI is very measurable. It reduced the amount of work that our administrative staff has to do when dealing with Sheriff’s sales so that they can focus on their core duties. SRI is accurate, dependable, reliable and reduces our liability. We would not conduct Sheriff’s Sales any other way!

Mike Nielsen
Sheriff | Boone County, In

SRI has been a big time saver for our office and they conduct their business in a very professional and efficient manner.

Randy Pryor
Sheriff | Cass County, In
Let us help you every step of the way
  • 1. Before the Auction

    • We coordinate with you and the bank's law firms to prepare for the auction.
  • 2. Auction Day

    • Hold your auction online or onsite with one of our professional auctioneers.
  • 3. After the Auction

    • We will complete the sale process by facilitating the recording and transfer process.
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