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simplify your processes.

Our document services allow technology to work for you.
We’ve worked in your offices for 25 years, so we know what
you deal with. Let us help you serve your taxpayers efficiently.
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Get Great Returns On Your Investment

Every $1 spent on ECM returns $6.12 to you

Search your Documents

The average organization spends $20 in labor to file each document and $120 to find a missing one.

Optimize Office Space

60% of office space is used for file documents, of which 50% are duplicates and 80% are never used again.


Document LIfe Cycle

Office processes can be overwhelming if they aren’t efficient. Follow the document life cycle below
to see how our products can save you time and essential resources along the way.


Create a Document

1. Create

Collect forms electronically! Use E-Forms and E-Signatures to create and collect any form your office uses.
Capture the Document

2. Capture

Never lose another document! With document management, you can use Capture to create electronic files of your existing documents.

3. Organize

Reduce costs of storing paper! Maintain and organize electronic files to clear essential office space and access your documents from any device.
Share & Edit Documents

4. Share & Edit

Start controlling your processes! Implement process management to streamline your processes and save your office money.
Retain and Maintain Your Files

5. Retain

Maintain compliance standards! Safely store and access your documents throughout their lifespan. 5 layers of security prevent any unwanted access.

“We saw an immediate response after we implemented PaperVision Enterprise. Productivity has improved 80%. It’s simple to use and simple to administer.”

Chad Guillot
Research and Planning Manager | East Baton Rouge Parish, LA

"Having control of information is vital to our business. We need to protect sensitive records and to be able to find specific information right away to answer customer questions and legal queries. WorkFlow allows us to track where all of our documents are at any given moment. We can also see what’s been done on them at any time during the whole process."

Chad Anderson
Manager of IT and Administration | WGFS

"PaperVision Enterprise has enabled our staff to get rid of countless filing cabinets. We are now moving forward with scanning live documents and storing them in PaperVision, thus allowing our staff to scan documents from our clients and give them right back to them. We will be moving toward a time when we won’t be creating paperwork anymore."

Lisa Copley
Director | Otero County Dept. of Human Services

Security Features

  • • Idle programs will automatically close
  • • Document level security settings including password protection for sensitive files.
  • • Stay compliant with live document tracking and activity reports
  • • Disaster recovery is simple with electronically stored documents

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As part of our dedication to providing exceptional services to our clients, we are proud to partner with Digitech Systems by providing their award-winning ECM products. They develop their solutions with ease of use, price and performance, flexibility, and feature functionality in mind. Digitech Systems has 12 years’ experience in the industry and are located in Denver, Colorado.

Testimonials courtesy of Digitech.

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