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    Indiana Tax Sale Basics:

    Property taxes are an essential element to society. It provides funding for public services everyone depends upon, such as schools, police, and, fire departments. Without a means to ensure tax collection, our critical infrastructure goes unfunded. As a result, it is imperative these taxes are collected in a timely manner. The tax sale process is a way to make sure the tax burden is evenly distributed among all citizens. Our elected officials are tasked with ensuring that property taxes are collected and SRI helps to make this process fair and transparent for everyone involved.

Knowledge base

The statutes contained herein are not intended to be legal advice and are intended to be a reference made available for your convenience. If you have questions regarding how the law interacts with the facts of your specific situation, we recommend you seek the services of an attorney.


  • Indiana laws regarding the Tax Sale process can be found at:
  • in Title 6, Article 1.1, Chapters 24 & 25

  • Indiana laws regarding the Sheriff Sale process can be found at:
  • under IC 32-29-7 and IC 32-30-10.