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It benefits all of us to have our representatives working smarter, not harder. And, honestly, we’re the best at supporting you.


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Governement Auctions with SRI

Government Auctions

Conduct transparent, professional auctions.
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Our 2013 tax roll collection rate stands at 99.8%, due in no small part to our partnership with SRI."

Dennis W. Hollingsworth, CFC
Florida Tax Collector | St. Johns County, FL

When I took office in 2011, one of my first moves was to contract with SRI. Most likely one of the best decisions I've made as sheriff."

John I. Wallace
Indiana Sheriff | Jefferson County, IN

I cannot conceive of doing a government auction without SRI."

Wendie House
Indiana Tax Sale Manager | St. Joseph County, IN

SRI provides true customer service with an emphasis on SERVICE. They are so easy to work with and always help with whatever we take to them."

Patty Ball
Indiana Auditor | Daviess County, IN

I’ve enjoyed working with SRI. They are a fun-loving group, yet serious about their business. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The service I’ve received over the years has always been excellent. Thank you SRI!"

Suzanne Alexander
Former Indiana Auditor | Tipton County, IN

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Government Auction Services

We help in countless ways, especially with our core service— assisting, conducting
and processing government auctions. Browse our auction services below:

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Foreclosure Sales

Processing foreclosures requires a lot of paperwork, let us help.

Tax Lien Sales

Hold your annual auctions online or onsite, your choice. Either way, you get a professional auction.

Tax Sale Processing

Meet your tax sale obligations by using our services for your advertising and noticing.

Zeus Auction Program

Your online government auction solution. It's simple for you and your bidders.

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